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4 Ways You Can Make Friends at Church

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

One of the criticisms I often hear about going to Church is it’s too hard to get to

know people and make friends. How can you make friends if there are so many people at your Church?

Making friends at Strong Tower Church

But here’s what I’ve experienced. A church of ANY size seems too big if

you don’t know anyone. Getting to know new people can be tough especially when everyone else seems to know each other. Here are four ways you can get to know people and make lifelong friends at Strong Tower Church.

  1. Linger in the lobby

  2. Join a Bible study

  3. Join a volunteer team

  4. When the Church has an event... GO!

#1 - Linger in the lobby.

Once service is over, don’t rush to the parking lot to leave. Take your time and get to know people. Grab a cup of coffee in the lobby and introduce yourself to someone. Stop by the Welcome Desk and meet one of our visitors. There are plenty of visitors every week eager to get to know our congregation. By speaking to visitors, it also helps to make them feel welcomed. If you have children in Youth Group, talk to the other parents and the volunteers. They aren’t too busy to talk with you.

#2 - Join a bible study.

One great way to “experience life” with people is to join a bible study.

At Strong Tower Church, we are focused on developing a community within our congregation. Whether it’s 50, 500 or 5,000 people in a church service, it’s tough to talk about life on Sunday morning. So these bible studies meet in at the Church on Sunday evenings in a relaxed setting. This gives you the chance to see people outside of a Church setting a truly get to know one another. You can give one a try, and if it’s not right, you can try another one.

--For a full list of bible studies, click here.--

Christian Bible study in Bel Air

#3 - Join a volunteer team.

This is one of the best ways to get to know people. No matter your stage in life, there’s a certain camaraderie from working together. For example, the 10 or so young adults who are on the worship team, have become like family. Same goes for our Youth Group volunteers – they have been known to have "family" dinners and corn hole tournaments together. This also gives you a chance to grow the gifts that God has given to you. Serving at Strong Tower Church isn’t complicated and can be a lot of fun.

--Just click here to learn about each of the teams and contact the leader.--

#4 - When the Church has an event... GO!

Worship night at Strong Tower Church

Strong Tower Church is always having some type of event. Whether it is a potluck or a worship service, go! There are always new people to meet at these events. People often bring their friends and families which gives you an opportunity to meet knew people. You'd be surprised at who you might meet while you are at a Church event.

--See our upcoming events by clicking here.--

Those are just four of the ways you can meet people, make friends, and make going to Strong Tower Church feel a lot more like home!

Do you have any tips or tricks to meet people and make friends at Church? Leave a comment below with your tip to help people out! And who knows, maybe your helpful tip or trick will appear in Strong Tower Church's next blog post! Make sure you share these helpful ways to make friends with your friends and family members!

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