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Updated: Oct 9, 2018

As most homeschool moms I LOVE curriculum fairs. I love to pour over books and look at the new items on the market. My husband and I go together and make a date weekend out of the event. Oh yes, we already have it marked on the calendar!

But herein lies the problem...there is SO much on the market for homeschool families. So where does one begin? Today I will share about the reading, math, and language arts curriculum that we love and I will explain our reasons for loving it.

As I said, there are so many choices when it comes to teaching your children. Most are very good. I find that the main problem is figuring out what the teacher's guide wants me to do! So when I find something that works I just stick with it...for sanity sake. That is how I feel about Christian Light Learning to Read Program, their elementary language arts and math program. It's simple, cheap and it works. So let's begin....

How is the program laid out? The student is to complete Light Units. These are smaller workbooks and usually each subject is 10 workbooks all together. This is great approach for my children. They love to complete the Light Unit, take the test, and get a prize for completion. They feel a sense of accomplishment instead of dreading to complete an entire textbook. The Light Units have a simple lay out, without busy distractions, yet appealing with Godly stories throughout. The instructions are direct and require little to no preparation for the teacher. That's a HUGE benefit for a mom of many!

Beginning with the Kindergarten level you will find that this is an advanced program. So I advise you to have your children take the placement tests. Don't be surprised if they place a grade below what you thought. But fear not! This program will have them catching up quickly. Feel free to slow the program down to adjust to your individual child's needs-isn't that what homeschooling is all about?

Learning to Read is their reading program. There is NONE that can compare...and I've tried many. It is well blended with their Language Arts program and their readers have the best stories. My kids love them! But please note: they are written by the Mennonites. This curriculum is very conservative in their beliefs but we love the strong emphasizes on God, the church, the family and the community. Godly character is taught throughout.

We LOVE their elementary math. Why not the upper level math? Because math is not my strong point so all of our older children use a computer based math program (I'll talk about that next time). But I have friends who use their upper level math and give it a thumbs up. The math is very traditional...none of that new stuff. I advise ordering their flashcards as they encourage children to memorize all math facts. The program is spiral in it's approach but has enough daily review content to obtain mastery. The lessons are short, not to overwhelm the student, and can be completed independently. I have found no other math curriculum that compares.

Christian Light Curriculum is our favorite! It's easy to use, my kids enjoy it, and it's inexpensive. You can buy any combination of light units at a time and find most of the readers new or used. Christian Light is an excellent Christian curriculum that will teach your younger children reading, phonics, spelling rules, as well as giving them a strong math foundation for upper level courses. This curriculum is based on the bible and places a strong emphasizes on Godly character.

PS....we have started their bible curriculum and we are loving it too!

Christian light education curriculum review
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